Red Room

Very suitable room for rest of our guests, ideal to sit down to read a good book, since we have a small library of bilingual books. In its furniture the red furniture "Dagoberto" stands out, approximately of 1745. Oil of María Ana de Toro, 1850, daughter of Mateo de Toro y Zambrano, first president of the First Government Junta in Chile, 1810.

Chilean silver pear of 1600, given in 1953 by Don Domingo Perón, president of Argentina to Mr. Carlos Ibáñez del Campo, president of Chile.

Dressing mirror, of Peruvian crafts of 1600. Cuzco oil from Santa Rosa de Lima.

North American green carpet chair, made of walnut wood.

Collection of South American and silver matte jugs

Above the fireplace, Mrs. Marie Louise Edwards McClure, grandmother of the current owner.

French piano of the 18th century, with a collection of old Chilean silver mates. 1800 English piano approximately.

Chinese blue and red vase of the Tang dynasty, 1200 years. White vases of 1800, the three smallest of 1600. Old English engravings of hunts.

This lounge connects with Lyon's bar and overlooks an organic garden.