Yellow Room

Don José Gregorio Argomedo y Montero de Águila, was born in 1776, in this house, which belonged to his grandfather, Don Tomás Argomedo Reyes. In one of the rooms we have his desk and the bed he used.

The French glass lamps of Bacaratt, used at that time with candles, from the house of Mrs. Marie Louise Edwards McClure, wife of Don Arturo Lyon Peña. Manufactured approximately in 1800, they are the two different ones. Above the fireplace is a picture of Mrs. Ester Vergara Astaburuaga, wife of Don José Toribio Lira, grandparents of Don Germán Claro Lira, royal owner, and owners of the house and field in 1865.

It is a room full of history and relics: among the objects featured on American Steinway piano of approximately 110 years, which was a time. The marble table belonged to Don Mateo de Toro y Zambrano, who was the president of the Government Junta of Chile, in 1810. The Bar, of an English ship of the late 1700s, was purchased from an admiral of Viña del Mar. A Secretaire from the late 1700s, inlaid with different French woods, from the collection of the Lyon Edwards family. On this, different figures of ivory, of which San Juan stands out, an important piece of the collection.

German dishes of Ludwigbur porcelain, before 1700, are sometimes used to serve desserts. The tureen is older, approximately 1600.

The "greenness" is approximately 1700, also from the collection of the Edwards McClure family.
Sofa Empire yellow mahogany French, Brazilian, from the time of Peter I, made by Portuguese cabinetmakers.

Blue sofa, empire, from 1800, of French blonde mahogany, belonged to this house. Teacups of Mr. Argomedo, donated by one of the granddaughters.

Hand painted breakfast service, belonging to the Vanderbilt family, given by one of its members to this family.

Comfortable Empire, made as "model" for Marie Antoinette, from the collection of Don Arturo Lyon Peña.

Wooden nails, occupied in the beams of colonial constructions.

Araucan jewelry original silver, old. Two Italian seats from about 1800, acquired by the family. Collection of Oriental rugs, all over 100 years old, from different eras.

Over the fireplace, copper jugs made by Chilean northern miners, over 100 years.
Different paintings by famous Chilean painters, such as Pacheco Altamirano and also by the English painter Sommerscales.

Ideal room for social activities, cocktails, welcome to hotel guests, listen to music, and its privileged location is particularly the center of the hotel.

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