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Catholic Chapel

Our Catholic Chapel , was built in 1650 and was originally a stable, later became dairy and then chapel, in 1790. In this place we find a Christ used for campaign masses, two Angels of the fifteenth century donated by the family Vandervilt and also an Ivory Christ (one of the largest pieces of ivory in Chile), a Florentine Christ of the sixteenth century, attributed to Benvenuto Cellini, belonging to the private oratory of Pope Pius IX, brought to Chile by Don Agustín Edwards Ross on year l885, topped off at the Drout house in Paris.

Ideal to celebrate your marriage, since Hacienda Los Lingues® is the only place in Chile where you can celebrate the whole party in one place. You can also celebrate Masses, baptisms or simply to make visits of spiritual recollection. In the case of Marriage ceremonies, the chapel is decorated with fresh flowers on the altar, red carpet in the entire entrance, tapestries and other requirements of the bride and groom.