Loteo de Miravalles

"Santiago is a city polluted in all its aspects, its geographical location also suffocates its inhabitants, who have high rates of stress." Looking at this situation, I devised a way to deliver an alternative of a better quality of life to the residents of the capital, what I decided to sell part of my property for those who feel love for nature, recreation, the outdoors and clean ", with these words, the owner of the Hacienda Los Lingues®, Mr. Germán Claro Lira, announces his decision of lotear 90 hectares of a total of 2200 (approximately of 124 square meters).

-The exact place in the VI Region (Colchagua), in the sector of Miravalles, within the domains of the Treasury and 125 Kms. From the capital. The environment is composed of a natural and historical beauty, enveloping the visitor.


  • Green areas : Arborización autochthonous in sidewalks of streets and roads, and in environment and access to sanctuary of nature, according to-regulation.

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