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Gastronomy and Wines

As gastronomy is one of the main requirements of every good hotel, at Hacienda Los Lingues® we offer you the best of international, regional and Chilean cuisine, rescuing the qualities and quality of the raw materials of the countryside.

Among the national products, we highlight all those that we produce inside the Hacienda as those from our organic garden, where they can (in season) choose from the land their vegetables that they like the most and check the freshness of each one in the field. they. Eggs and honey are also produced locally, among many other things.

We also offer fresh cheese (curd), which we buy from small sellers at Los Lingues®, which offer top quality products. The bread is prepared daily in the house with our own recipes that have remained despite the passage of time and in our own oven, which has also cooked many stories of our vast family tradition.

And for those who require special food, do not hesitate to tell us because our mission is to make your stay as pleasant as possible, so we offer fine and varied alternatives for our guests