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Swimming pool

  • Swimming Pool 004

Located in the area destined for Great Events for the day, our pool which is supplied natural spring water and kept at room temperature, has all the technology for this type of service, which has a dimension of 25 meters long by 14 meters wide, with a maximum depth of 1.70 meters and a minimum depth of 80 cms. It also has an additional jacuzzi type pool side which also serves smaller. Surrounded by a large forest types allows a large solarium area with shadows on the sides.

On one side of this place is located our dressing rooms with luxurious bathrooms for men and ladies, lounge, bar, offices.

It also has a large area to the side of the pool which allows us to make big parties at the edge of the pool.

The surroundings are also tennis on grass baby football, volleyball, a crescent with bleachers for the public and a forest of eucalyptus equipped with oak tables for brunch, lunch and tea hours outdoors.