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Dining Room

  • Dining Room 019

This room was originally a barn built in 1650, along with the Chapel, which was a dairy. The ceiling was decorated in the early 1800s, made of poplar wood. The lamp operated a carbide gas originally. The table, chairs and desk are French, 1888, walnut Caucasian. Carpet made in Puyuhuapi (South of Chile), made especially for this room (pure sheep wool). English wine cooler, made in 1841, metal, painted by hand. On the table there are 2 silver Gallos 1600, hand-carved colonial period of Peru, and a pair of Belgian chandeliers, belonging to the princes Ligne D'. Collection of South American colonial temper. Games of tea and coffee, still in use, belonging to the family. On the walls are hung a series of cabinets of families, Claro, Lyon, Lira and Argomedo.

This room is ideal for making VIP dinners or lunches, has covered Vermey, crockery is French, Paris Gold Medal in 1867 Pillivuyd, crystal glasses and other Bacaratt. It has a maximum capacity of 22 people seated at the head table and can add additional tables for a total of about 35 people. It has a fireplace and central heating.