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Allotment of Miravalles

"Santiago is contaminated in all respects city. Geographic location also choking its inhabitants, who have high levels of stress. Noting this, I devised a way to deliver an alternative of better quality of life to the capital, for I decided to sell part of my property for those who have love for nature, recreation, free and clean air, "with these words, the owner of the Hacienda Los Lingues ®, Don Germán Claro Lira discloses its decision lotear 90 hectares of a total of 2200 (approximately 124 m).

-The exact place in Region VI (Colchagua) in Miravalles sector within the domains of Finance and 125 Kms. of the capital. The environment is composed of a natural and historical beauty to surround the visitor.


  • Green Areas. 5; "data-mce-mark =" 1 ">: Greening in native villages of streets and roads, and access to environment and nature sanctuary, according-regulation
  • Drinking water: underground network, to capture from an existing source. Since there is stored in concrete tanks and pumped to each of the sites.
  • Electricity: From a core network, will the individual distribution for sites with a power that will supply lighting to the internal roads and demands for public services.
  • Lighting of roads
  • Internal: Postación with lanterns Architectural design environment.
  • Fuel: Lipigas to individual facilities provided free of charge.

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