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Don José Gregorio Argomedo y Montero de Águila

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1767 - Born on September 4 in Los Lingues ®, San Fernando.
- Learn, first, in the San Carlos Royal College of Nobles or Convictorio Carolino.
- Higher education at the University of San Felipe.

1786: - San Fernando Mayor, elected at 19 years of age.

1790 - Legal Adviser to the Royal Court.

1793 - Gets Bachelors of Sacred Canons and Lyrics initiating studies to doctorate.
- Manage the family property in San Fernando, on the death of his father.
- Acting Mayor of the City of San Fernando.

- Corregidor Curico.
- Qualified Lawyer and Doctor of Law, practicing in Santiago.
- Professor, first, and then Rector at the University of San Felipe.

1810 - Advisor of the Cabildo of Santiago, and then
- Attorney Cabildo de Santiago.
- City Attorney.

- Secretary of the Captaincy General of the Kingdom or Secretary.
- September 18 - First Secretary of the Governing Board
- Prime Minister of the Treasury Board.

1811 - took the oath to the members of the First National Congress.

1812: - Integrates the Governing Board.

1813: - It is captured by José Miguel Carrera, accusing him of conspirator.

1814 - At the request of José Miguel Carrera, organized by the Secretariat of the Municipality of Valparaíso.
- Race for stop orders opponent.
- Escape to Mendoza by step "Ladies".
- In Mendoza, San Martin collaborates advising on
Chilean political relations in Argentina. It was nexus between San Martín and Manuel Rodríguez activities.

Note: According to historian Alejandro Lira, attributed the position of Captain or Colonel, Commander of Militia unspecified date and clarify if practiced in the days of the Spanish invasion.

1817 - Chile Argomedo again.
- Advisor to the Government of O'Higgins.
- Fiscal Revenue.
- Elected Rector of the University of San Felipe.
- Subrogated as Chief of Ramón Freire going to Chiloé.
- President of Congress, November 22, after he was elected deputy for the District of San Fernando.

1818: - From the office of Counsel Attorney Government passes the House of Justice.
- Rejects Maipo land offered by O'Higgins.

1819: - Replaces Don Fernando Márquez de la Plata in the House of Justice.

1820-21-22: - Rector of the University of San Felipe.

1822 - Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Court.
- Integra committee that reviews and improves the Constitution of 1822.

1823 - Vice President of the National Congress.
- Deputy elected by San Fernando.
- President of the Supreme Court elected by the Congress.
- Integrates the commission that produced the Constitution of 1823.

1824 - Member of the Council of State appointed by Ramón Freire on February 2.
- Chairman of the State Council.
- Head of State subrogated to Ramón Freire horn that will Chiloé.
- President of Congress, November 22, after he was elected deputy for the District of San Fernando.

1825: - Freire accused of subversion being caught.
- Considered innocent, he restores the Presidency of the Supreme Court, on April 7.
- On July 12, he was elected deputy for Colchagua to Congress. Resignation by economic downturn.
- December. Freire sends exile in Lima, Peru.
- Visit to O'Higgins in Motalván.

1826: - Meeting with Simon Bolivar in Private Viceroys, The Magdalena, near Lima.
- Return of Peru to be amnestied in September.

1827: - Elected Senator Colchagua.
- You will be restored office in the Supreme Court.

1828: - He is appointed Minister of the Supreme Court.

1829 - President of the Supreme Court.
- Member of the Court of Peace.
- Governor of Colchagua.

1830 - died on October 5 in Santiago.