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Horse farm

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The Lingues ® also has "Aculeo" a fine horse breeding registry, considered among the best in America. Started in 1760, its origins horses Numidian Berber and back in North Africa, brought to Spain by the Moors, and finally brought to the "New World" by Spanish conquistadors.

The "Aculeguano" is also horse Lipizziano cousin, who formed and gave prestige to the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, Austria, since 1835. Flooring its mews, which reaches 3. 500 m2, is entirely covered, especially handcrafted pink stone.

A few steps in the traditional crescent you can see a Creole show. The huasos, dress in all its tools and make a show of amansaduría steers movement domadura reins and foals. All this can be enjoyed with Chilean background music, accompanied by delicious dishes and drinks area.

So, you can not talk about The Lingues ® without mentioning its Spanish tradition rooted in the Chilean peasantry. This is apparent not only in the architecture of the houses, but also in their habits and lifestyle, traditional hospitality, his religious faith, his sobriety and kindness chilenidad permanent symbols of all virtues inherited from the mother country.

Thus, the "Los Lingues ®" Finance is emerging as an attractive historical and cultural center of educational, in a tangible way that contributes to the dissemination of national values ​​in the generations of today and tomorrow.

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