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Day Tour


  • appetizer, house tour, lunch chef's menu with wine.

Other services available to tour date:

  • Horseback riding with guide
  • Bike ride
  • Cultural Tour.
  • Ample parking and large green areas.

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Bilingual cultural Tour

Visit the Hacienda is like going back to colonial times in Chile. That is why we invite you to our exclusive tour conducted inside the manor houses and parks of the Treasury. Includes a tour of the different rooms, halls, stables, yards, crescent chapel, where you can meet 400 years of history. We have specialized bilingual staff to serve your visit.

This service is free to all guests and visitors who hire our Day Tour Program in our Hotel.

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Tour El Teniente mine

Museum Tour and Lieutenant Sewell
Includes a visit to Mineral History Sewell, who is from the April 29, 1905. Decree of the Ministry of Finance, the facility was authorized in Chile for the U.S. company Braden Copper Company, as manager of El Teniente mine the deposit, I stood abandoned since the late nineteenth century. Today, the camp is a former industrial area that remains as the El Teniente Division, located 2,130 meters above sea level, 53 kilometers and 139 kilometers of Rancagua Santiago. We have several options to visit the new Museum of Sewell and parallel entry into the Mina El Teniente, the world's largest underground mine.

Day Tour Historical Sewell.
Includes Out from Hotel Hacienda Los Lingues ® at 08:30 AM, arriving in the town of Maitenes at 09:45, where the equipment will be delivered and small talk will be given to visitors. Then will begin a journey of about 45 minutes to the entrance to the Mine Lieutenant, where for two hours the tourist circuit will be inside the mine. Entrance to Museum Sewell, safety equipment rental, guide, instructive talk, lunch at nearby restaurant, return to the Treasury. No transfers are included, which will depend on the number of people.

Transfers to Mineral Lieutenant
Transportation from Hotel Los Lingues ® - Sewell - Hotel Los Van Lingues ® in private, 1 to 10 passengers. Departing and arriving from any district of Santiago. When people arrive in their own vehicles should do so to the town of Los Maitenes, from where will special vehicle authorized to 09:45 Hrs.


To make entry and Mineral Museum Lieutenant Sewell, should be sent personal data of each of the people who will enter the mine, like Ruth, Full Name, Nationality, etc.. This listing must be sent to the least 2 days before the day of travel. People who hire NOT TRANSFER PROGRAMS and arriving in their own vehicles must stop at the main entrance of the mineral (Los Maitenes) as they must have a credential, and will be uploaded to our van to begin making the Tour inside. Access to Mineral El Teniente is for people aged 14 to 75 years only. The tour is conducted only on Saturdays and Sundays. Should make the Tour in the week, subject to availability.

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Wine Route Tour

Hacienda Los Lingues ®, its privileged location in the center is the main producing area of ​​Chilean Wine Region VI, Colchagua and Cachapoal (Rapel wine route ®) same for which we have several alternatives visits Viñas places and museums.

Cachapoal Wine Route (*)

It is located just 10 minutes from Hotel Hacienda Los Lingues ® north, is an alternative to visit nearby wineries such as Viña Morande, Grace Vineyard, Viña Anakena vineyard Chateaux The Hacienda Los Boldos Lingues ® and Chile.

Program includes: Transfers to and from the hotel, guide during the visits, tour and tasting facilities in each.

(*) Includes 2 Visit vineyards in the area
(*) Some visits to vineyards subject to availability.

Wine Route in the Colchagua Valley
Located south of the Hotel near the town of Santa Cruz, (between San Fernando and Pichilemu) just 45 minutes you can visit the following vineyards; Viña The Basques (Domaines Barons de Rothschild-Lafite) Bisquertt Vineyard, Viña Casa Lapostolle, Viña Cono Sur, Hacienda Araucanian, Viña Santa Laura, Vina Luis Felipe Edwards, Viña Montes, MontGras, Viña Santa Helena, Vina El Crucero, Vineyard Viu Manent and there is also the option of visiting museums such as Museo de Colchagua (Cardoen Foundation) and San Jose Museum of Huique Carmen, historical monument.

Program includes: Transfers to and from the Hotel, includes guide for visitors, tour and tasting facilities in each. Located just 89 Kms and from Rancagua.

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Visits to area museums

Regional Museum of Rancagua

Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00 Hrs
Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 13:00 Hrs.

The two houses that form the Museo Regional de Rancagua are eighteenth century and are the only vestiges of the era of the founding of the Villa Santa Cruz de Triana, current Rancagua, founded on October 5, 1743 by Governor José Antonio Manso Velasco. Rancagua is a typical example of the Spanish foundation layout grid layout. It consisted of 64 blocks and each was divided into four lots.

Both separated by King Street (now State) homes occupy a plot each. Its structure around courtyards, with wide corridors, tiled roofs and thick walls make them an example of traditional Chilean architecture. They were declared a National Monument in 1980.

Santa Cruz
Colchagua Museum
Santa Cruz, home of the Chilean huasa tradition, surprises visitors with a historical museum first level. The Colchagua Museum is housed in a colonial mansion in downtown Santa Cruz.